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The east coast of Almería

The east coast of Almeria limits the north with the region of Murcia and the south with the beginning of Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park . It stands out for the presence of coves and virgin beaches, with rich and abundant vegetation, which give the area a wild aspect. It is so extensive that it would be almost impossible to talk about all its coves and beaches. We present some of them starting from the north:

Calipso Beach is located in San Juan de los Terreros, and is certified with the Q of Tourist Quality. This beach of shallow waters acquired its name from the mythical ship of Commander Cousteau.

Between Pozo del Esparto and Villaricos we will discover spectacular coves like Cala Cristal. It is an ideal place to enjoy quiet places away from conventional tourism.

The east coast of Almería - Cala Cristal

Further south we find Villaricos Beach, a cove next to a castle. Its sand and rocks are dark, from old cast iron slag, which testify to the mining past of the town of Villaricos.

A few kilometers away is the wonderful coast of Vera Playa and its incredible beaches: Marina-Bolaga, Puerto Rey and El Playazo.

Right after we find the beaches of Garrucha, among which Las Escobetas Beach stands out. Almost adjoining, Mojácar offers both virgin beaches, ideal for the most solitary, as well as other tourist ones, endowed with numerous services.

To the south of Mojácar we can visit Carboneras. The northernmost of its beaches is the popular Playa de los Muertos, isolated, virgin, without any urban construction, and of an incomparable natural beauty. Its name is due to the fact that, in the wrecks of the boats, the belongings of the ships as well as the castaways came to arrive at this beach.

The east coast of Almería - Playa de los Muertos

Finally, Cabo de Gata-Níjar natural park marks the end of the east coast of Almeria.

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