II Edition The Fest Colors on May 5 in Vera

The fest colors national tour will arrive in Vera on May 5 at ‘El Palmeral’ fairgrounds where, from 12:00 and until 24:00 hours, more than 12 artists will be on stage.

The Council of Youth of Vera Townhall collaborates with The fest colors, the first festival in Spain that not only offers music and renowned artists, but also incorporates a special peculiarity of light and color. During the concert the attendees throw dye coloured powders into the air, creating a unique atmosphere and a radiant and very colorful visual effect.

The fest colors

The fest colors is a celebration that has its inspiration in an old Hindu spring popular festival. As a symbol of happiness for the arrival of the spring season, the participants threw coloured powders and coloured water to celebrate and simulate the budding floral bud that was approaching. In addition, bonfires were lit to commemorate the triumph of good over evil. According to some legends, these actions had a medicinal explanation since due to the change of climate there were diseases that were alleviated with these coloured powders, made with raw materials prescribed by Hindu doctors.

In the case of The fest colors, the coloured powders that are used comply with the current safety regulations and are approved and accredited for use by the SGS entity, world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification.

The Fest Colors is a festival that minors can also attend, always complying with the required safety standards. Minors must present an authorization from their parents or legal guardians.

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